What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy and childbirth are guaranteed to change your life, both through the wonders of parenthood and the effects they can leave behind on your body. The good news is that you no longer have to live with the not-so-nice physical signs of having a baby. 

While every woman experiences childbirth in unique ways, the mommy makeover is a customized collection of aesthetic procedures that address only those changes you want. Choosing an experienced and reliable cosmetic surgery practice is the most important part of your successful makeover. Diamond Surgical Institute in Encino, California has the know-how you need to get the shape and appearance you want.

Post-pregnancy body changes

The telltale signs of childbirth vary from woman to woman, so it’s possible you may not experience some of the typical changes, or they may not be substantial enough to bother you. A mommy makeover includes as much or as little as you need or want. 

The areas on your body most affected by pregnancy and childbirth are the abdomen, breasts, and genitalia. You may suffer from stretch marks, muscle separation, and skin laxity in the tummy area, while your breasts can start to droop. Your labia and vagina may also suffer from laxity because of the demands of pregnancy. 

Combining other procedures

There’s no reason to limit a mommy makeover to the effects directly related to childbirth. Perhaps, along with addressing drooping breasts, you’d like to augment them to a larger cup size. Your makeover is the perfect opportunity. 

The same is true for liposuction. It blends well with a tummy tuck to rid you of stubborn abdominal fat that may resist diet and exercise. While your buttocks may not suffer much from pregnancy, your mommy makeover could be the right time to consider a Brazilian butt lift to balance your body proportions. 

Candidates for mommy makeovers

The best time to target a mommy makeover is after the end of your childbearing years. You’ll need to be in good overall health and at a stable weight, with more than six months since your last pregnancy. If you’re still planning to have more children, you should put off the abdominal procedures for the time being. Likewise, you should delay breast surgery if you’re still breastfeeding. 

What to expect from your procedure

Your makeover will likely be performed as outpatient surgery, so you’ll go home the same day as your procedure. Expect about two weeks away from your normal responsibilities for recovery. You’ll need help around the house, particularly for the first few days after the makeover, and you should avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for up to four weeks. 

Full recovery can take as long as six months for all swelling to subside, but when your final results emerge, you’ll be stunned at the transformation. To start planning your life-changing mommy makeover, contact Diamond Surgical Institute using the online booking tool, or call us at 818-528-2559 to meet with Dr. Roya Dardashti and discuss your makeover goals.  

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