Help! I Regret My Tattoo

Your reasons for getting a tattoo are personal, and so is the decision to remove it. Though some inks are notoriously difficult to break up, improved laser tattoo removal technology makes it possible to produce effective results with virtually any ink on any skin type. 

There’s a demand for the technology too, since tattoo removal requests have grown by 32% over the last decade, with 18% annual growth expected in the future. If you decide it’s time for a change, Dr. Roya Dardashti and the team at Diamond Surgical Institute are ready to help you with PicoPlus® laser tattoo removal. Lasers are now the standard for breaking up tattoo ink, particularly high-speed picosecond lasers like PicoPlus. 

Why tattoos are so hard to remove

Your body generally does a good job of removing foreign particles from your body. The reason tattoo inks are permanent has to do with the size of the pigment particles compared with the size of the lymphatic system components through which they must pass to be flushed out.

Tattoo ink granules are simply too large for your body to process, meaning that a tattoo is usually with you for life. Breaking up these granules is key to tattoo removal, and one of the reasons lasers are well-suited to the task. 

The power of light energy

The word “laser” is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Featuring a focused beam of a single wavelength of light, lasers transmit energy in the form of a light pulse. As you know from a day at the beach, light energy works best when it’s absorbed, the reason why you feel warm. 

The PicoPlus laser is optimized to deliver light energy that’s easily absorbed by tattoo ink. The short picosecond duration of the PicoPlus device means it can deliver more energy to the ink without damaging surrounding tissue. This makes PicoPlus effective at smashing ink granules into smaller particles that your lymphatic system can transport easily for disposal from your body. 

The PicoPlus advantage

Not all tattoo inks respond to one laser setting, so PicoPlus uses core wavelengths of both 1064 and 532 nanometers to cover the widest range of inks effectively, and it also includes a slower nanometer mode for maximum versatility. 

Also, PicoPlus can also effectively treat skin pigment problems unrelated to tattoos, including sun spots, freckles, seborrheic keratoses, and many other conditions that leave you with uneven skin tone. 

Find out more about what PicoPlus can offer you by contacting Diamond Surgical Institute. Call us at 818-528-2559, or use our online tool. A personal consultation gives you the best overview of the results you can expect from treatment.

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