Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: What to Expect

To say that the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is popular understates the facts. Annual procedure counts in the United States show that fat-grafting BBL surgery approaches 30,000, while buttock implants account for less than 1,000. 

Perhaps it’s not surprising that most patients opt for an aesthetic enhancement that uses their own fat cells, sourced from common trouble spots, to support the BBL procedure. You can lose inches from places with excess fat to create a rounded and flattering contour to your backside. 

Your recovery period, though, is crucial to the success of the procedure, and it takes some thought and planning. Guidance from a top-level cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Roya Dardashti of Diamond Surgical Institute gives you a framework for recovery. Your path to the body shape you desire happens in partnership with Dr. Dardashti. 

The BBL procedure

The shape of your buttocks is enhanced using fat tissue harvested by liposuction from typical trouble spots on your body, such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs, before being prepared for reinjection. 

Some cells are reabsorbed by the body after injection, so there’s a certain amount of “overloading” during the procedure itself. In addition, there’s always some swelling after surgical procedures, so immediately after the process, it may seem you’ve received more than you bargained for. This is normal, though, and not indicative of your final results. It’s the first phase of your recovery process. 

After surgery

You’ll receive recovery instructions from Dr. Dardashti or her team prior to your procedure, so you’ll have time to plan how you’ll handle the post-surgical phase. This may include pre-filling pain medication or enlisting support during recovery. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of recovery from BBL surgery is keeping off your buttocks as much as possible during the six to eight weeks immediately after your procedure. Putting pressure on your buttocks after surgery can reduce blood flow, which is crucial to the survival of the grafted fat cells. 

Even when you avoid all postures that put pressure on your buttocks, up to 40% of the transplanted fat won’t survive the process and will flush naturally from your body. This is normal and expected, but frequent unassisted sitting or sleeping on your back may further decrease the amount of viable fat remaining, thus limiting the benefits you receive from the procedure. 

General recovery tips

Dr. Dardashti’s instructions always take top priority during recovery, so be sure to follow these, as well as attending follow-up appointments to check your progress. General post-surgical guidelines apply when they don’t conflict with the doctor’s instructions. 

For example, get plenty of rest in the day or two following your BBL procedure, but make sure to modify this time to prevent pressure on your buttocks. Other general recovery tips include: 

  • Avoid infection by cleaning and dressing incisions as directed
  • Maintain a healthy diet, avoiding any foods that may conflict with medications
  • Stay hydrated to encourage circulation and drainage
  • Build a support system of family and friends to help during recovery

Contact Diamond Surgical Institute to learn more about BBL surgery and recovering from it. You can call the Encino office directly at 818-528-2559, or request an appointment online. A better-shaped you starts with a consultation, so book yours now. 

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